What is the current “Business Model” of your city?

Please do the group exercise shown on the day-wise schedule on the class website for Jan 21.  Please  go over the city financials (links provided) and gather other information from your city website and city chamber of commerce website before you meet during class time as a group on Wednesday 21 4pm-5:30pm.  Based on your group discussion and subsequent research that you all agree upon write 3-4 paragraphs to answer each of the four questions shown below in full. Take your time to do a good job on this blog as it is not due until the following class on Jan 26. The work could be shared among the members – each group member and take one or two of the questions below:

Question 1: Provide details about the customer segments: profile, types, numbers, age groups, ethnicity and other relevant information. What are their pain points?

Question 2: How does your city create value for their citizens? How does it engage and collect information to create the value? How does it deliver the value?  i.e. Directly, through 3rd parties, outsourcing, non-profits, public facilities etc.

Question 3: a) What are your city’s resources (assets and liabilities) shown on the balance sheet that help create the value? What are the key off-balance sheet resources? b) What are the key  activities of your city that creates value for its citizens? Take a look at the income & expense statement. c)  Whom does your city partner with to share resources and thereby reduce costs and risks to add value and more services to the citizens? You can often find in the notes to financial statements or on your city’s website.

Question 4: How does your city capture the value? Examine the income statement again to types of revenue it generates to change for the value it creates. Does the city create a triple bottom line? i.e. economic, social and environmental.

Your answers to the above questions will contribute and become the building blocks for  your final group presentations where your will propose a new innovative business model with a full proforma income statement and balance sheet for each of your cities. For additional reading read Also read IBM-100-Cities-Benchmark-Study posted at:


  This will shed more light on the struggles of American Cities.


For all Day 11 Submissions visit google drive link: http://bit.ly/1z9YVDr