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Complex Systems Design: Course Overview

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Introducing “The Smarter City” series:

The modern city is a system of systems. When collaboration is encouraged, progress results.

The Living City:

Meeting increasing needs for education, health and social services as populations grow.

Powering the City: 

Implementing a smarter system for production, management and supply of energy and water.

City in Motion:

Making use of new traffic and travel advances with fewer resources and a growing population.

Developing the City:

Focusing on the office buildings we inhabit, working patterns and the nature of investment.

City of Dreams:

Looking to the future of cities’ economic and social development in the Decade of Smart.


 In addition, IBM and global faculty are working on presentations for HICSS conference – we have workshops, tutorials, best paper awards planned for cognitive solutions on cloud platforms.


Several other faculty at HICSS presented Watson related work, for example, Prof. Helen Meng (CUHK) presented Watson Analytics for a large cancer data set by geo and type of cancer.

Also, IBM is actively developing “open badges” a finer grain for those learning to build smarter city/cognitive solutions on cloud platform.  

HICSS Training Watson


Bluemix app with IOC Integration

Industry Workshop -IoT Demo


IBM – Free Event – Sept 9

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Every minute during the next 20 years, 30 Indians will leave rural India for urban areas. At this rate, India will need some 500 new cities in the next two decades.

The IBM team worked with the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation to assess plans for up to 24 new cities in northwest India. The team …

In 2010, IBM Citizenship created the Smarter Cities Challenge to help 100 cities over a three-year period … closely with city leaders and deliver recommendations on how to make the city smarter and more effective. … Ahmedabad, India2012.

Congratulations 2015-16 Smarter Cities Challenge Winners. Allahabad, India Municipal Commissioner Devendra Kumar Pandey @UPGovt

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