WeekTu/Th In-Class ActivityProject Phase

Group Exercise: Meet & Greet: Engineers Select Classmates
Introduction to the Project: Deliverables (Tech. & BM Solutions)

Guest Speaker : Aaron Simkins, Paradigm Mtuity, Inc

TEAM: Vivisection/ideation
SELF: vBlog & Group Blog
29/1/2015Plenary session: BMoE (Course Structure and Administration)
Lecture: The Berkeley Method/Entrepreneurship
TEAM: Group Project ‐ Do
Research & Analysis

Lecture: Leveraging Open Innovation. Game: TBD

Guest Speaker:

SELF: Rejection Therapy Ex
49/8/2015Plenary session: Team Formation (video) ‐ Groups finalizedTEAM: Work on Group Proj

Lecture: Nations, Cities, Communities & Ecosystems. Game: TBD

Guest Speaker: Param Singh, CEO, IoTracks Inc. Advisor to: Chief Innovation Officer to the City of San Francisco and IoT startups

Room:  S489

TEAM: Ideation Exercise
69/15/2015Plenary session: Opportunity Recognition (Ikhlaq ‐ Live)TEAM: Work on Group Proj

How do organizations Manage Innovation?

Room: Helzel Board Room

TEAM: Ideation Exercise
89/22/2015Plenary session: Voice of Industry (about importance of team)
TEAM: Group Project ‐
Analysis of Data Collected

How do you measure Innovation?

Guest Speaker:

Munish Khetrapal, Managing Director – Smart Cities and IOT, CISCO

TEAM: Story Board Ex
109/29/2015Plenary session: Product marketing / Product Market Fit / ValueTEAM: Work on Group Proj

Work in groups

Guest Speaker:

P.K. Agarwal, CEO of TiE Global, Former CTO of California


TEAM: Customer Needs
1210/6/2015Plenary session: Lean Startup: Market and Customer DiscoveryTEAM: Work on Group Proj

Work in groups

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Isher Ahluwalia, Chairperson, Board of Governors, India Council for Research International Economic Relations

Brad Buss, CFO, SolarCity

TEAM: Solution Discovery
1410/13/2015Plenary session: GUEST LECTURE: Voice of the Practitioner (LILY or NIXIE)TEAM: Work on Group Proj

Mid‐Point Review with Smart City consultants

TEAM: Tech. Prototype Req
1610/20/2015Plenary session: Revenue Models: Gigi Wang?TEAM: Work on Group Proj
1710/22/2015Pre‐Presentation to City Officials & Corporate Executives for input –MIDTERMMIDTERM
1810/27/2015Plenary session: GO TO MARKET and Marketing and DistributionTEAM: Work on Group Proj

Teams: Incorporating external ideas.

Guest Speaker:

Ashok Venkatesan, Consul General at Consulate General of India, San Francisco

TEAM: Pivot/Mockup/BM

Plenary session: Financials

TEAM: Work on Group Proj
2111/5/2015Individual group meetings with Prof. Darwin for final prep.TEAM: Pivot/Mockup/BM
2211/10/2015Plenary session: Art of the Pitch ‐‐ story telling/Communicating via visual
diagrams/Prepping for VCs
TEAM: Work on Group Proj ‐
Finishing Touches

CapStone Presentation to Peers for feedback. Game: TBD

TEAM: Pivot/Mockup/BM
2411/17/2015Plenary session: Science of the PitchTEAM: Work on Group Proj
2511/19/2015Group Presentations to Peers for feedbackTEAM: Video ‐intro to Prod.
2611/24/2015Plenary session: GUEST LECTURE: Voice of the PractitionerTEAM: Fine‐tuning
2812/1/2015Plenary session: Pay it Forward: Your responsibilities of being an ethical entrepreneurTEAM: Submit Tech
Prototype for evaluation
2912/3/2015Solomon Darwin’s Last Class & TakewaysSELF: Your Final Blogs
3012/5/2015Challenge Lab Presentations 
Travel in India Jan 3‐ 14 Final Presentation to Chief Minister’s Cabinet ‐ Jan 9thFinal Deliverable

Note: Sightseeing excursions and cultural activities while in India are also planned (TBD). Students are required to participate in all group activities from Jan 3‐14, 2016 and not make independent plans on their own to successfully complete the course.