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Day 18

Today we have been introduced to a tool for managing innovation once the new business model is determined.

Day 16 & 17

On Day 16 our guest speaker, the former CTO of California, shared with us the various barriers to innovation within and

Day 15

Today we did a case that illustrated the value of: a) creating a community b) joining a community and c) belonging to a

Day 14

Today we learned about exponential technologies and that future business models will need to built with anticipated

Day 13

Today’s lecture illustrated how organizations had leveraged Open Innovation in creating and capturing value.

Day 12

Please share at least three takeaways from Lecture #2 posted on the class website. Please stay original and not reiterate other

Day 11

What is the current “Business Model” of your city? Please do the group exercise shown on the day-wise schedule on the

Day 10

Please discuss the challenges that India faces in stimulating the small to mid-size enterprises.

Day 9

This morning we heard from the Executive Director of the most successful Metro Rail Corporation. Please discuss

Day 8

Dear Students,
Today we heard from Tyco and Airtel. Please answer the following prompts.

Day 7

Please share a couple of photos of your trip to the Taj Mahal and write about your experience.

Day 5

We were given a warm welcome by The All India Management Association (AIMA) upon arrival to Delhi.

Day 4

Today, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat recognized the Haas School of Business in a special ceremony.

Day 3

Dear Students, You have heard four presentations today. Please submit your comments.

Day 2

Today we heard four lectures – please share your key takeaways from each lecture.

Day 1

Our day at the MICA campus started at 7am with a welcome by our host sponsors.