Week Mon/Wed In-Class Activity Project Phase
Haas 12/11/14 Orientation – Bonding – Overview of the Course – Kick-off Dinner None
India 12/29/2015 Business Model Approach for Building & Operating Smart Cities Observation
India 1/5/15 Developing Framework for Designing Smart Cities – Param Singh Observation
1 1/21/2015 Group Exercise: What is your City’s Current Business Model? Group Assignment
2 1/26/2015 Why is Open Innovation Relevant in today landscape? Group Assignment Due
3 1/28/2015 How organizations leverage the process of Open Innovation? Research
4 2/2/2015 How exponential Innovations are impacting societies? – Guest Speaker  (Haas MBA student) Research
5 2/4/2015 Why are ecosystems and communities important for cities? – Guest Speaker (Param Singh) Research
6 2/9/2015 What can we learn from innovations from Emerging Economies? – Guest Speaker (CTO, State of CA) Research
7 2/11/2015 Lecture 8: How do you measure Innovation? Research
8 2/16/2015 Academic Holiday Resting & Relaxation
9 2/18/2015 Lecture 9: How do organizations Manage Innovation? Analysis
10 2/23/2015 In-class group work specific to the project – details will follow Analysis
11 2/25/2015 In-class group work specific to the project – details will follow Formulation
12 3/2/2015

Mid-Term:Group Presentation (Group work: Frame work for Smart Cities in India) –  Guest Judges (VIP)

Mid-term presentation
13 3/4/2015 Work in groups – Guest Speaker TBD Formulation
14 3/9/2015 Pre-Presentation to Other City Officials and Corporate Executives for input Pre-Presentation
15 3/11/2015 No-Class – Individual assignment due – Personal Innovation Plan Individ. Assign. Due
16 3/16/2015 Mid-point Review of the Final Project with city officers – International Guests Review
17 3/18/2015

Work in groups

18 3/23/2015 Spring Break Resting & Relaxation
19 3/25/2015 Spring Break Resting & Relaxation
20 3/30/2015 Work in groups – incorporating external ideas Testing & Refining
21 4/1/2015 Work in groups – incorporating external ideas Testing & Refining
22 4/6/2015 Work in groups – incorporating external ideas Testing & Refining
23 4/8/2015 Individual group meetings with Prof. Darwin for final prep. Testing & Refining
24 4/13/2015 Individual group meetings with Prof. Darwin for final prep. Testing & Refining
25 4/15/2015 Final Presentations to Mayors’ Offices & City Managers Course Project Due
India Travel Schedule
Day # Day Date Activity Details & Activies
Day 1 Sun Dec 28 Program Begins: Team Arrives inAhmadabad. MICA CampusHousing http://www.mica.ac.in/ Host: TiE, Ahmedabad:https://ahmedabad.tie.org/chapter/tie‐ahmedabadStudents arriving as a group will be picked up at the airport.
Day 2 Mon Dec 29 9am - 12pm: Smart City VisitVisit with Chief Minister (Time?) Welcome by Chetan Parikh, CEO, ezDI. (Governing Member ofTiE) ‐ Executive Brief followed by a visit to the Smart City andChief Minister of the State (Time TBD)
Day 3 Tues Dec 30 9am – 5pm: Visit to Smart Citymeet govt. officials, planners,builders and designers To learn about the planning, design, architecture, financing,operating cost, benefits and return on investment of the smartcity. Interviews with officials of the governor’s office.
Day 4 Wed Dec 31 9am – 5pm: Visit to the famousuniversities and institutes: MICA,IIM, IIT, Center for EnvironmentalPlanning and Technology and Natl.Institute of Design. To learn about the academic research and perspectives on thebenefits of building smart cities from India’s famous professors.This includes types of technologies, systems, design andarchitecture employed in building smart cities in India.Presentations by eminent professors in the field.
Day 5 Thrs Jan 1

8am - 5pm: City & Culture Tour
5pm – 6pm: Farewell Dinner
6:30pm: Depart to Airport


9:00 pm: Arrive in DelhiWelcome by Haas Alum in Delhi

To appreciate the historical significance and cultural aspects ofthe Gujarathy people’s culture, customs and hospitality.

Hotel Lalit: http://www.thelalit.com/the‐lalit‐new‐delhi/Host: All Indian Management Assoc. http://www.aima.in/
Day 6 Fri Jan 2

9am ‐ 12pm: IIT, New Delhi

1pm ‐ 4 pm: The Energy &Resources Institute

Executive Brief by AIMA Executive Team ‐ followed bycorporate presentations on smart cities technologies.Dinner Hosted by Haas Alum in India
Day 7 Sat Jan 3

9am ‐ 12pm: HCL Infosystems

1pm ‐ 4 pm: The Tyco Corp (TBD)

Coporate Presentations on the role of business organizations inbuilding smart cities.
Day 8 Sun Jan 4 6am ‐ 12pm Visit to Agra ‐ The Taj To learn and appreciate India’s history, art, architecture andsee one of the seven wonders of the world ‐ The Taj Mahal
Day 9 Mon Jan 5

9am ‐ 12pm: SPML Infra Limited

1pm ‐ 4 pm: Bharti Airtel

Coporate Presentations on Waste Management, Power GridManagement and Telecommunications Techonologies of SmartCities.
Day 10 Tues Jan 6 9am ‐ 12pm: Metro Rail Corp.Visit with Prime Minister: Time? Coporate Presentations on Metro Transporatation System andTechnologies of Smart Cities.
Day 11 Wed Jan 7 9am ‐ 5pm: AIMA Smart CitiesInaugural Sessions with key firms Presentations: Smart Cities Development1. IBM Research ‐ Ashish Verma, Smart Cities2. Cisco ‐ Harish Krishnan, Dir of Global Policy & Govt Affairs3. Deloitte Rajiv Kumar, Centre for Policy Research4. Pepsico Holdings ‐ Shivakumar, Chairman &CEO
Day 12 Thrs Jan 8 Depart from Delhi Hotel checkout at noon. Haas Program Ends
Day 13 Fri Jan 9 Arrival in San Francisco